Toy Companies Provide Helpful Items for Children in Their Pretend Play Activities

Trends come and go in the world of children's toys, but some aspects never change. One is that kids enjoy pretending to be grownups and doing activities like cleaning the house, taking care of kids, building forts and operating heavy equipment. An adult who understands the way kids think will be very successful in a variety of careers geared toward children. That includes the field of toy jobs in areas like marketing, sales and product design.


Children love to explore and try out new ideas, and their life goals can run the gamut from being a homemaker, a grade school teacher, a medical doctor or an astronaut. Parents can find a multitude of toys that encourage children in their pretend world of all these possibilities and many others. One day the kids are running a restaurant, and the next, they own a horse farm.

Simple and Complex

These kinds of toys are available in simple and complex versions, intended for different ages. A very young child may not be happy with a complicated toy that is far above his or her skill level. Playthings that can be used for both simple and complex activity can be ideal. Interlocking building blocks, for example, allow youngsters to pretend they are architects, engineers and construction workers.

Pretend Play Benefits

Pretend play is not only great fun for youngsters, it has specific benefits for the physical and cognitive development. They practice their motor skills and develop more advanced problem-solving abilities. When they make up pretend scenarios with other kids, they benefit from the socialization that is different from other forms of play. Many researchers have confirmed the importance of pretend play for young children, which comes entirely naturally to them.

Jobs in the Toy Industry

Companies searching for qualified candidates for their upper-level positions in the world of children's toys commonly rely on recruitment firms. Doing so helps them narrow the field to the best candidates for their particular needs. It's a significantly more focused approach when they conduct their search exclusively through one agency, especially when that agency concentrates entirely on filling toy industry jobs. An example is the highly respected recruiting agency ToyJobs.